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It’s almost unfair to see just how many traders are crushing it in the E-Minis right now.
Of course, I’m looking to get a piece of the pie too – so I thought you’d like to see what I’m doing.

Watch this.

Trading veteran Todd Mitchell just came out with this tutorial that shows you the hurdles holding back most traders from making money (using his actual charts). He also walks you through how to pull predictable profits from the E-Minis while only using a single chart…

…. as well as the best markets to trade for daily income …

… and the most predictable times to produce daily income (and what times to avoid).

As you know, you can trade with a lot of confidence and consistency when you know when to enter and exit the market. I have a feeling this tutorial will save you plenty of future frustration.

Check it out: The E-mini Futures’ Unfair Advantage

The approach Todd shares can be used in any market or time frame. As he says, it gives you an “unfair advantage.”

Watch this.

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How to Make Money in Stock Crashes

Ben Rand wrecked his $1.5M trading account down to $95K in 2008 trying to short the market too soon.

Then a miracle happened.

He changed just ONE thing and went on to trade that $95K into over $6.6M in just 18 months!

Click Here To See How He Did It

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Major tops, bottoms, breakouts and breakdowns all have this pattern

Market conditions that lead to explosive moves repeat, and it’s happening again right NOW… Traders with the right indicators are alerted to these ‘dangerous’ conditions early, and they profit from them or avoid painful losses. Unfortunately, most traders get surprised and hurt, by the market’s big moves.

Don’t get hurt by, or left out of, the market’s next big move!

Join us, co-founders of, this Thursday, May 26th, for a special presentation of…

“How To Profit From A Secret Condition That
Identifies Big Trend Trades, and
Alerts You To Market’s Likely To Collapse!”

Tap here for access to this special live training session and the very next day you’ll be able to apply what you learn from our collective 60+ years of trading and system building experience! In this training we’ll reveal the simple to see market condition, and the indicators that will enable you to see hidden explosive potential in any market.

After this training you’ll be able to:

  • Anticipate unexpected major trend changes, so you can avoid big losses.
  • Identify market trends that are likely to accelerate, and provide opportunities to catch massive trend trades (up or down)!
  • Confirm the best trending markets to enter on pull backs, so you can reduce your risk and increase the potential of your swing trades.
  • Spot shifts in momentum in any market, stock, ETF, etc., so you can identify the most dangerous and most promising trends to trade!

You have never seen these indicators before, because…

These indicators aren’t available anywhere else!

Tap here for access to this special live training session

In this live training you’ll discover how to identify which chart patterns or trade setups (ones you’re probably watching!) will work, and which ones will likely fail! You can apply this to improve your trading in stocks, options, ETFs, futures and even forex!

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Crash Trader | Brand New Options Trading Class

During the height of the 2008 financial crisis, a trader with the reputation for being the “Rain Man” of crash trading turned a $100,000 trading account into $6,629,641 in 18 months!

How was he able to beat 99.99% of the competition? He used a simple trading strategy that takes advantage of all the dips, flash-crashes, and collapses that have become part of everyday investing.

Click here to see his crash trading strategies right now. 


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Trade Live with John Carter and his team | Live Austin Mentorship June 2016

I have a special invitation for you to join John Carter in this very special Live Trading Mentorship coming up in Austin, TX, June 26 – June 28.

John Carter Simpler Options Trading

His team will be talking about the markets. What’s working. What to expect the rest of the year. How to handle the mental side of trading when the volatility explodes.

As you can imagine, these live mentoring events are one of the best opportunities you will get to “check out of your busy life” and focus exclusively on trading for three solid days. In addition, John Carter and his team of traders will be there to answer your questions, look over your shoulder, and tell you “how it really works.”

The feedback on each small, live mentoring event they have done has been amazing. Whether you are a full time trader or just getting started, I believe this is the perfect opportunity to take your trading to the next level. This is going to be our best event yet and I would love to have you be part of the experience.

Take care and good trading!

==> Reserve Your Spot Now

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Millionaire Maker Alliance | Is It Any Good?

Millionaire Maker Alliance is an exclusive options course, advisory service, chat room community and email trade analysis and review service that uses Wendy Kirkland’s unique and proven hybrid indicator with nearly 95% accuracy.

Membership includes access to a comprehensive options trading course (Manual, DVD & eBook), access to Wendy’s interactive chat room community and access to Wendy’s trade analysis and review service that delivers a trade watch list daily.

PLUS, as an added welcome gift, members will be invited to attend Wendy’s Live Wealth-Building Celebration (non-members pay $2,500). And they’ll receive a complementary recording of the event so they don’t miss out even if they can’t attend.

Offered at two price points, (12 month subscription & lifetime subscription) with a full performance guarantee… Wendy’s Millionaire Maker Alliance provides invaluable insight that traders won’t find anywhere else.

Want to learn more? Follow the link below:

==> Millionaire Maker Alliance Official Website

Who is Wendy Kirkland?

How did an award-winning artist and sculptor who owned an eclectic gift shop in Historic Biltmore Village, end up an option guru? Let’s see…

In 2004 a freak flood destroyed the retail business Wendy and her husband had poured every bit of their time and money into for more than 25 years. Since they had no flood insurance, they lost everything… and were in real trouble. Fortunately, a friend introduced Wendy to options trading.

Desperate to save her family from financial ruin, Wendy started reading books, watching financial news, and taking courses… struggling with the same sort of ups and downs as most new traders. Then one day she stumbled upon a miraculous discovery. By combining two common indicators into one, she created a hybrid indicator that’s nearly 100% infallible!

Practically overnight Wendy was making more money trading than she and Jack had ever made in their store!

Inspired to help other women enjoy the financial security she had found, Wendy started giving onIine classes. And in 2009 she co-authored a book entitled: “Option Trading In Your Spare Time – A Guide to Financial Independence for Women”.

“I feel I was given a second chance,” Wendy said. “So I felt I owed it to society to give back, and help others. And go make a difference”

And that’s exactly what she’s done… in spades!

Get this, undeterred by the title and pretty pink cover of her first book, even more men than women ended up buying it!

When TradeWins Publishing heard about Wendy’s tremendous wealth-building success, they called her right away… which led to 6 more books, trading courses, newsletters, and advisory services.

Written about in Money Magazine, Small Business Opportunities Magazine, and Investor’s Business Daily… Wendy is quoted as saying : “I LOVE that my books have helped so many people achieve financial independence through trading, just like I had.”

But the greatest demonstration of Wendy’s commitment to putting financial security within easy reach of anyone willing to try is Wendy’s Millionaire Maker Alliance… dedicated to turning ordinary men & women into millionaires. And it’s working!

Today Wendy Kirkland is going to walk you through an actual live trade you can potentially profit from IMMEDIATELY…

Want to learn more?

==> Visit Wendy Kirkland’s Millionaire Maker Alliance Official Website Here

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Is this gold price prediction insane?

Right now gold is sitting at about $1,200 per ounce.

Yet some experts believe gold could hit $10,000 or even $50,000 an ounce.

A retired Michigan engineer and confirmed gold buyer agrees the price of gold could skyrocket in the coming weeks.

And yet, he’s warning anyone who will listen NOT to buy gold.

He recorded this short video message as a warning to gold buyers everywhere…

VIDEO WARNING: Do NOT buy gold (even though it’s primed to explode)

When you understand why gold prices are set to soar, it could have you steaming mad and seeing red.

But when you see how much you could earn during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you’ll be seeing green. Click here to see what I mean…

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The Rebel’s Guide to Options Trading Free Ebook

Don Kaufman is name you may already know. He has been an industry insider for 18 years and during that time he has spoken to more than 500,000 traders. Don was massively short in January and now he is preparing for an even bigger stock market crash. Find out how you can protect yourself and profit with options.

Download Your Copy Now of “The Rebel’s Guide To Options Trading”

The Rebel’s Guide To Options TradingHere’s a glimpse of what this FREE ebook will reveal to you:

– How to use options to be the house because as we know the house always wins

– How to protect your portfolio from any shock to the markets

– How to generate consistent returns in the market while minimizing your risk

– How to put probabilities on your side to win 85% of the time using options

– How to use high probability options strategies so you don’t have to rely on coin flip returns

This is the first time Don has made his E-Book available.

Get Your Copy of “The Rebel’s Options Guide” Here

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Do You Know What This Trading Insider Knows?

Find out if your current trading strategy is one of the trading flaws that will inevitably destroy your account…

Watch this Free Video Now

Don Kaufman, an 18 year industry insider, reveals:

Is this new video you’ll find:

  • Why Probability is the Law of the Market
  • Does Your Trading Strategy Stand the Test of Time?
  • Why Picking Market Direction is a Flawed Way to Make Money Trading
  • Do You Know Your Probability of Success on Every Trade?

Click here to watch it


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Terrified of Scalping? Try this Free System

Terrified of active trading? The crazy spreads and crushing risk while you’re “superglued” to your chair. But done right, it can be insanely lucrative!

Check out this FREE system that’s doing it the right way.

This high-frequency system is a “genetically-modified” active trading method that CUTS the risk while turbo-charging results. Believe it or not, it’s a jaw-dropping, easy to learn strategy that’s actually FUN to trade.

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